Project "Stargate"

With this project, You can have a look into the future now.

Stargate does not exist yet. But its planning is nearly done.

Stargate is fully defined in terms of technical and business matters and we are still looking for strategic partners.


"stargate"  creates weightlessness.  Now anyone can float like an astronaut.  It's that easy - and it works! Due to our many years of experience gained by creating weightlessness on board aircraft, we are going a stage further and planning a ground-based unit for creating weightlessness. For the fast-approaching space tourism, research, industry and the wider public.


The Function:

 Up until now, weightlessness could only be created in the pull of the Earth's gravitational field using the following technique: Within a body - e.g. an aircraft, following a vertical parabolic curve at a specific speed, all objects and lifeforms are weightless. Exactly the same happens in a spacecraft orbiting the Earth.



 The world's first and therefore only ground-based unit for weightlessness. In the heart of the Austrian Alps. The mountains help with this - we use them as a frame.


We're paving the way into space. Training for future space tourists. The story for all media.


Project Details:

 The overall plant is about 6,500m long and 1,400m high. It follows a vertical parabolic curve, the existing mountains act as a basic frame and make the construction of this project technically possible.


A manned capsule with 6 paying passengers and 3 instructors or corresponding payload is propelled at a certain speed along a parabolic curve whilst secured to rails. In this way we generate weightlessness in the capsule for 22 seconds - ten times per standard campaign.


Unit capacity: 36,000 passengers per year.

Why Stargate?

•  The potential for customers is enormous and growing constantly!

• Unique in the world!

•  Guaranteed profit for the investor!

• Huge advertising potential!

For more and detailled information don't hesitate to contact us.

Paul Bierl
Oberzeile 9
2444 Seibersdorf
Phone: 01143 676 463 1910